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  • Introductions
    New here? Introduce yourself - tell us a bit about you, where you're from, what your interests are and so on.
    3,677 discussions 3,759 comments
  • General
    Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else
    219,702 discussions 221,232 comments
  • Arts and crafts
    Talk about stuff you make, stuff you've seen that other people make, places to get supplies, courses you run/know of/are looking for, advertise your stuff (within reason!) or just show off :)
    76 discussions 96 comments
  • Books and reading
    This is a place to chat about what you're reading at the moment, old favourites, recommendations and anything to do with books, Kindles and other e-readers.
    72 discussions 90 comments
  • Entertainment
    Films, plays, shows, festivals, TV programmes, computer games, MMORPGs - talk about them here!
    192 discussions 212 comments
  • Food and drink
    Anything to do with eating, drinking, cooking, brewing, growing, foraging and home entertaining.
    2,342 discussions 2,411 commentsMost recent: Second Marriages And Cash : Crucial Way… by bP3sD8tD0cApril 23
  • Music
    Talk about tunes you love, performers you follow, gigs you have been to, upcoming events, instruments you play, anything to do with music.
    189 discussions 213 comments
  • Pets and other animals
    Tell us about your pets, your thoughts about animals in general, show off your photos of furry (or scaly, or feathery) friends.
    79 discussions 34,177 commentsMost recent: D³ugi w postaci kredytów by rS8wB3bQ7kApril 1
  • Photography
    Show off your latest works of art, ask for criticism and suggestions, talk about cameras and how to use them - whatever interests you, really.
    460 discussions 498 commentsMost recent: Various kinds of Life insurance coverag… by bP3sD8tD0cApril 23
  • Suggestions and comments
    If you've got any ideas about new sections, additional features etc. this is the place to let us know about them. Complaints also taken :) Got problems with how the forums work? Tell us here and we'll try to sort it out.
    81 discussions 93 comments
  • Sports and outdoor activities
    Do you play a sport, are you a keen supporter of a team, do you go fishing or hill walking, regular gym visitor? That's the sort of thing this section is for.
    148 discussions 171 commentsMost recent: Alfamart official partner merchandise F… by bP3sD8tD0cApril 23
  • The Romper Room
    Politics, sex, religion, and other topics likely to get heated - anything goes in here - you have been warned! Please bear in mind that you should attack the argument and not the poster - ad hominem arguments will be frowned upon with a heavy frown and a possible Hammer of Moderation. Swearing and piss-taking permitted :)
    209 discussions 231 commentsMost recent: div class=headlineh1Fitness A marathone… by bP3sD8tD0cApril 23
  • Travel
    Been anywhere interesting lately? Got holiday plans? Want to know about a destination? This is the place to talk about it.
    634 discussions 656 comments

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